Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wishes Granted

First things first. I apologize for ditching you. I've been in a blog funk. I think of things to write then realize I'm not excited to write about them and I never wanted this to be an obligation, part of the reason I didn't put too fine a point on what was going to happen here. I have, from the beginning, wanted this to be fun and full of whatever I felt like in the moment. I'm trying to make a comeback here but I may be slow to get back into my groove. So bear with me.

In less whiny news...you know how every season I make a wish list full of pretties I want to wear? Well for Fall 2011 you're not getting one. Because I couldn't possibly wish for another piece of Fall fashion after my recent stock up. Now I know I didn't ever follow through with a birthday post but I got some gifts. Trista's boyfriend Zach made me a beautiful serving bowl (he does ceramics), my friend Amelia got me the cutest ever rectangular espresso cups, Johnathan gave me a fantastic comic book and a garland he made me out of vintage postcards...my friend's were great to me. And I hate to play favorites here but Lana may have been the greatest. You see, Lana's gift to me was making me her significant other.

Now before you get all excited Lana works for Free People. So, by making me her significant other I get a card that gives me huge discounts at Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. Which means this girl went on a major 40% off shopping spree. This is what I'll be wearing this Fall.

Side lace up moccasins! (Free People)

Is it a dress? Is it a maxi skirt? It's both! (Free People)

Love the big open stitches, love the color, love the length. (Urban Outfitters)

Not totally sure about this one but I think I could work it out. Plus it ended up being like $20 after sale and my discount. (Free People)

Perfect purse. Small enough, big enough, color, and shine. (Free People)

I'm in love with this one. (Free People)

Silk and leather. Divine combo. Also the lining is red with tiny white polka dots! (Anthropologie)

Cardi with super thin black and tan stripes. Will go with everything. (Free People)

A slip. For peaking out from under or through things. (Urban Outfitters)

This dress is fantastic. It only cost me about $30 and I cannot wait to try wearing different things under it and belting it. Check out the detail. (Free People)

A lace pullover! (Free People)

Wearing this one today with a black slip dress underneath and bare legs. So flowy and comfy. Total year round piece. (Free People)

Cropped leggings. So cute with flats. (Free People)

Big open stitch cozy sweater. Love. (Free People)

So pretty and feminine. (Free People)

Wanted these for a long time. Super cute with skinny jeans tucked in. (Urban Outfitters)