Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet Javier

This is my cat. His name is Javier (pronounced ha-VEE-air). The two of us haven't been friends for long, maybe about nine months, and before that I was never a cat person. I always pictured myself with a giant furry dog who would jump up on me and nearly push me over. The thing is, I live in an apartment, and a small one at that, a studio. I don't think having any kind of dog, let alone a giant one, would be fair or practical. Half the time I worry Javier is bored living in my apartment but then he spends ten minutes bolting from the kitchen across my apartment onto the windowsill and back again and I decide he is far too easily entertained to be bored.


  1. Javier is very pretty! He resembles ny black cat too and it is funny how easily they are entertained. I suggest a cardboard box big enough for him to sit in. :)

  2. I'm so glad Javier turned out not to be broken that one time. :)

  3. Lex, whenever I get packages Javier will play in the boxes until I finally decide my apartment is not large enough to be strewn about with cardboard. He loves it.

    Firecat, I am very glad he is not broken either. I would be sad without him.