Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I very clearly remember having a conversation with my then-boyfriend and his mom when I was about 18 about how tacky I thought tattoos were. Both then boyfriend and I would never get a tattoo. His mom thought we were being a bit judgmental but we were 18 and knew everything.

Fast forward six years and now I have four tattoos. To be fair I'm not brave enough for color so all mine are in white ink but, with my beyond pale skin that actually ends up looking pretty cool. My most recent one is of the Portland skyline. I was inspired by the lovely Lana's Philly skyline tattoo. I've wanted a Portland tattoo for awhile but couldn't really decide on anything. Once I saw Lana's amazing ink though I knew that was what I wanted. So, with her blessing I went forward.

I sketched what I wanted using this photo. Sean Lanusse at Infinity Tattoo took my very rough drawing and turned it into what is now permanently on my arm. And I love it.


  1. I think your tattoo is lovely! I actually think about getting one myself but I heard you have to wait for a year... and if the motivation still exists, then go for it. What do you think?

  2. I waited a long time to get my first because I wanted to be sure but the rest were a bit more impulsive. Maybe part of it is you've already put something on the canvas so why not just add a bit more? Also with mine the white ink seems so much less...permanent isn't really the right word obviously but if I were putting something in black on my body I would probably have a lot more hesitation than I did with any of my tattoos.

  3. Lolo! it's checho...loving the blog, but the INK is aweeeesome!
    I love how the white ink looks against ur fair skin.
    Particularly the photo on your avatar ( I have a blog dedicated to my feet jajaja

    Hope you are doing well kid. Haven't 'talked' in a while.

  4. I love that tattoo and could see myself getting one like that (but the idea of pain keeps me away and I already have enough scars).

    Your arm freckles are so sweet looking, too.

  5. I didn't even know you could get white ink tattoos! How cool... I love your skyline, it's very original.