Monday, October 11, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today

Fall! I love you!

Today it's chilly so I pulled out a sweater, jeans, and Uggs (I don't want to hear it). I am cozy and happy.

Sequin sweater by MICHAEL Michael Kors in Derby.

Denim Leggings by Vigoss in Rinse.

Classic Short Boot by UGG Australia in Chestnut.

Verona Satchel by Tory Burch in Tan.

So, I know I have two supposed fashion faux pas going on here but to my defense, the whole denim leggings trend is really just skinny jeans with a new name for a new year. I know some people are still all anti skinny jeans but I like them and they look good on me so whatever. As far as UGGs go...they've been around forever. They're comfortable and while they may not be something you look at and exclaim at it's beauty they really aren't that bad. I've seen way uglier shoes. Take Crocs on adults for example. I say if you aren't wearing them around with a cotton mini skirt and an Ed Hardy hoodie you can probably still look good in them. They're past being a trend. People continue to buy them year after year and by now it's a good seven years since they were trendy. I'm pretty sure they're here to stay.


  1. Love the sweater. Love the Uggs. I live in Calgary. Warm fuzzy boots are a necessity, especially since I walk to work. I bought off-brand Uggs last year. Worst mistake ever.

  2. Urban Cowgirl, I bought off brand Uggs one year too at Nordstrom Rack. I wore them one Winter and they got trashed. In the past my real Uggs have lasted years. I just bought a new pair this year in that short style and I'm loving them.

    And I have to say I couldn't go a single place wearing that sweater without people exclaiming over it.