Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's not even Thanksgiving yet!

As much as I love shopping I'm not really a fan of shopping with a purpose. Even less so during the holidays. So, for that reason, I have started my Christmas shopping pre-Halloween. The things I've bought already are for friends so I can't share them here yet. I do want to share some things I've bought for the girls I used to nanny, AKA Sweetie and Monkey.

The girls get so many toys, the vast majority of which go un-played with. Years ago I decided I would only be giving them clothing for Christmas and birthdays. Last year was my first year not living with them on Christmas so I decided to break my rule a bit and give them some toys as well as clothes. I haven't decided if I'll do that again but here's what I have so far for their gifts.

My little Monkey is six and has more personality than anyone I've ever met.I think this outfit suits her perfectly.

My other munchkin is nine and just the sweetest girl ever, as well as being incredibly bright and articulate. I remember once when she was three we were about to leave the house when she asked "Will you tell me about Buddha?"

This is what I picked for her.

I'm also going to try to find her a pair of burgundy colored tights.

And then, because I absolutely couldn't resist, they are each receiving one of these.

All items are from the UK based Mini Boden.

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