Monday, November 1, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today

I assume everyone is tired of my giddily exclaiming over Fall by now but I'm not quite ready to be done. Today I love Fall because of...knee high socks!

I was exhausted last night and even though I tried to go to bed at 10pm I couldn't actually fall asleep until closer to 2am. Also I accidentally woke myself up during the night. I was having a dream in which I slapped someone which resulted in my real life knocking everything off my night table, including two glasses of water. So, by the time morning came around I was looking to get as much sleep as possible. I gave myself 20 minutes to get ready.

After some quick teeth brushing and face washing I went to my closet where I had no idea what I wanted to wear. I was rifling through hangers when I came upon a black slip. From there I decided on this outfit.

This slip is one of my favorite items. I usually wear it under a black shirtdress I bought on sale at Anthropologie forever ago. The slip is by Free People although I forget the name and it's no longer available. You could easily find something similar though and it's great for going under lots of sheer or short dresses. The shirtdress I'm wearing is no longer available either and I can't find an image of it. It's made by Lil though, which is a great company that makes very pretty patterned clothing with very feminine structure.

This scarf is one of those "infinity" ones. Basically it's just a circle that you can loop. They aren't shown but there are also four wooden buttons at one point on the scarf.

Weightless Infinity Scarf in Seagate by Frenchi

I'm in love with the whole knee high socks and boots with bare legs look. I even love it over skinny jeans. Here's a tip for getting boots on over cold weather socks, which are usually thicker than regular socks: plastic bags.

It sounds silly but I'm sure I'm not the only one who it sometimes takes ten minutes and lots of laying on the floor with legs up in the air and tugging just to get boots on. Put a plastic bag around your foot and your boot will just slip on. Once your foot is in just pull the plastic out, it will tear easily.

Nordic Tall Sock by Free People in Berry

These boots are my favorites. They've been around for years and while completely reasonably priced at around $130 they last and wear wonderfully. I have these in the below pictured Cognac, gray suede, green, and red. They go with everything and are incredibly comfortable.

Intyce boot by Steven by Steve Madden in Cognac.

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