Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cat's Meow

I am not a huge animal print person. It makes me feel like I'm a middle aged woman trying to have an affair. I am a complete sucker for a pair of leopard print flats though.

I got these at Target a few years ago for around $20. They have that "furry" texture that I like a lot better than patent or matte leather for a leopard print shoe. They do have a really cute little patent trim though.

Part of what I love about this shoe is it's simplicity. Animal print is enough on it's own. You don't need bows and different colored toes and buckles and jewels.

This is my favorite currently available leopard print flat.

Frankie Flat by B.P. at Nordstrom

If you want to see other more embellished versions you can do so here. I'll admit I have a little crush on the Kate Spade ones.

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