Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I feel a lot of people who end up here are going to be disappointed...

One of the things that's most fun about keeping track of your site stats is seeing how people find your blog. These are some of my recent favorites.

1. "pirate purse"

This one I get. I did post a pretty awesome pirate purse (you can see it here is you missed it the first time). I'm going to guess though that with Halloween having just passed that people were searching for something more along the lines of this than a Marc bag.

2. "beach locker-room"

I don't think I even understand what this is let alone how it led someone to my blog.

Aaaand, after Googling, someone was clearly looking for hidden camera porn of some kind. I hope you enjoyed all the things here that are not even remotely that.

3. "cat pumpkins carvings"

First of all, more than one person searched for this and made both 'pumpkin' and 'carving' plural. Second of all, I'm pretty sure I carved the best cat pumpkin ever. It is no wonder they ended up here.

4. "hippie pumpkins"

When I carved a hippie themed pumpkin trio with my nanny girls it was completely unintentional. I'm wondering what sort of hippie pumpkins someone was looking for other than the requisite peace sign.

5. "who wears shakuhachi"

Turns out shakuhachi is a Japanese flute. Not something you wear. Or something I even knew about until about 30 seconds ago.

6. "how to make potato pillows"

You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) at how many people find this site by searching for potato pillows. And how many ways there are to spell pillow.

7. "it was 11pm"



  1. Haha, yeah, that is one of those funny things... I've been getting a lot of traffic lately because I did a post on a Viking Lawn Game called Kubb. Very strange.

  2. That's definitely the best part about the stats! Too funny. Someone who clicked on my blog apparently searched for "i figured i". I don't even know what that means.