Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Pirate Purse

I recently upgraded my laptop. Now since the size was different I now needed a new case. Apparently everyone with a laptop wants to look like they are going on a business trip. It's totally lame.

So I started a hunt.

In the end I had to settle for a pretty standard laptop case. The bright side to this tale though is that in my searching I found this.

That's right. A purse. With a pirate on it. And not just any pirate. A girl pirate!

And not just a girl pirate! A giraffe with a five o'clock shadow, an elephant blowing bubbles, a dinosaur wearing mascara, and a frog with a lollipop!

And even that's not all! There's also a hippo wearing sunglasses and a hypnotized gorilla with a...whatever that is!

But, even with this giant acid trip of a purse, my most favorite part is the handles.

UPDATE: I totally spaced mentioning who this bag is by or where to get it until one lovely someone wrote to ask. The pirate purse is the Miss MARC Pirate Mabel Tote by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I purchased it through Neiman Marcus.


  1. i love the art on that purse!!!!!! <3

  2. It is most definitely a kick-arse bag.

  3. oh lolo!!
    I've been wanting the Miss Marc Pirate bag for EVER!
    (I bought the little pouch instead!)

    great purchase!

  4. I'm so in love with that purse! LOVE!

  5. You should see the smile on my face, that purse is like a cartoon. Its great! Diggin on the colors.