Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's go to the Movies!

I have been craving a truly great film. I feel like every time I leave a movie I feel "eh" about it. I'm no cinephile but I guess I can be slightly hard to please.

I saw a preview for Micmacs months ago and I remember thinking it looked gorgeous but after awhile of hearing nothing more about it I sort of forgot about it. It's out now and while at least here there is only one theater showing it and at odd times it was absolutely worth the weird scheduling to go see it.

Bazil is a man who's father is killed by an explosive in a war when he is a child. When Bazil is an adult he ends up shot in the head by accident. The film follows his adventures to get revenge on the companies who made these weapons with the help of a family who adopts him.

The story is clever, the aesthetics of the film are wonderful and the acting is so delightful. I caught myself smiling at the characters many times. Micmacs is from the same director as Amelie as a reference.

Go. See it.

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