Monday, August 2, 2010

Life's a Beach

So, a couple weekends ago I went to the coast since I can do that now in my new car that I am not scared will fall apart along the way and leave me stranded in some tiny wooded town consisting of a gas station and a store owned by a woman with no real knowledge of woodworking who sells her own handmade birdhouses.

I very much wanted to go to the gorgeous Manzanita beach where it's perfectly breezy and sunny and there are very few people, most of them flying kites. Instead my friends tricked me into going to this place called Oswald's West. It's a surfer/family beach, is pretty crowded and hot. Parking is pretty terrible and for a good hour I had to listen to this guy begin every sentence with "Dude!" and end it with a surfing conditions forecast.

Anyways, this beach has it's faults but I'll admit it's pretty. At one point I was laying in the sun (with my SPF 100+ on) and I thought "This beach looks like the one in Twilight." Before I remembered that Twilight actually was filmed in part on the Oregon coast.

It's my stay home sick movie. Give me a break.

Here are some photos.


  1. I didn't know you could surf in Oregon. Huh. Also, I really, really liked your first sentence.

  2. Grammargeek, we actually have some pretty good surfing. You have to wear a wet suit because its freezing but people surf here year round. Wet suits have something like ten levels of thickness so you just have to wear around a level nine here as well as boots, gloves, and a hood. It sounds ridiculous but it's less so than it seems. There are always a ton of surfers at our beaches.

  3. I really miss the beaches on the west coast. We vacationed along the Oregon coast once and it was so beautiful! My sister and I had so much fun running up and down the dunes.