Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I wear my sunglasses (not) at night...

There's something about sunglasses. They're sexy and mysterious, glamorous...and so much fun. There's an effortless cool to wearing a great pair of shades.

The other thing is, they're actually really useful. Not just in the obvious not being blinded while you drive way but by wearing a good pair of sunglasses you're protecting that super sensitive skin near your eyes from sun damage.

I own a massive amount of sunglasses. I have terribly sensitive eyes so if I forget my sunglasses I usually will buy a pair during the day. This has left me with a mix of both high end and low end sunglasses as well as a great pair of vintage air force aviators I bought at an antique store. Honestly, as far as looks go, it doesn't really matter if you buy cheap sunglasses. I've bought pairs at Urban Outfitters, random little boutiques, and Forever 21. All of them look just as good as any of the more expensive pairs I own. And I'm okay wearing them every once in awhile but in general I try to wear higher quality sunglasses because of that aforementioned cancer thing. My dad had skin cancer when I was growing up and had to get a skin graft on his face. It's not pretty and takes a long time to look close to normal.

This weekend I was in a major sunglasses shopping mood. I ended up with these two pairs.

These are by Tory Burch and apparently she doesn't want anyone to buy them because I can find zero info about an actual name or style number. On her site they are called "Oversized Square Sunglasses with Metal T-Hinge" which also describes about a thousand other pairs of sunglasses. The color is Wine/Brown (frame color/lens color). I bought mine at Nordstrom. They are also available at www.toryburch.com

Jocelyn Sunglasses by Kate Spade in Purple Gradient.

These are incredible and I am super excited about them. I love the almost octagonal shape and the colors. I feel like part of the fun of buying designer goods is that they have all these tiny details you just don't get with things that have less care put into them. Here's a close up of the temple:

These are definitely less expensive designer sunglasses. Besides Kate Spade and Tory Burch some great designers to look at are Ralph Lauren, his frames are universally flattering and run around $100. Michael by Michael Kors has some really fun colored frames that are also very reasonably priced and my favorite, Marc by Marc Jacobs. So many great sunglasses with fun subtle details that add a bit of fun to a classic look.

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  1. I LOVE Sunglasses! Love them. I wear them year round because we even have sun here in the winter when it's -40.

    Dangit - now I want to go buy more sunglasses :)