Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Thursday

We have something here in Portland called First Thursday. It takes place on the first Thursday of every month in The Pearl and involves lots of wine, art galleries, happy hours at pretentious restaurants and saying "Dahling!" before participating in the double cheek kiss.

That's not completely accurate but it will provide a sufficient mental picture for comparison.

Last Thursday is quite different. It's a super energetic street art festival that takes place the last Thursday of every month in the Alberta arts district. The street gets shut down to cars and everyone wanders about watching street performances, eating from food carts, participating in installation art, and purchasing handmade goods. It's fantastic.

The whole thing has an environment that can be really hard to explain so I give you photos, which I hear are worth thousands of words. These are from my birthday.

A giant rocking horse.

People selling baskets.

Some guys teaching each other break dance moves.

A woman selling toasted marshmallows.

Some chairs making up a face.


A traveling fountain.

Giant hula hoops around adorable people.


and this...

live here where you can pay a small fee to help decorate this lovely gentleman's vehicle.

You can pick designs here and have a shirt screenprinted for you to your exact specifications.

A place to tell your secrets.

And my favorite, the photo booth.

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  1. And they have this every month?

    Cities are cool...