Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Butter London is one of my most favorite nail polish brands. They make somewhat out there colors but if you're looking for something wild or happen to find something in their selection that will work for a day to day polish it's guaranteed to be gorgeous.

I've posted before about my new found appreciation for tan nail polish and when this weekend it hit 60 degrees I decided it was close enough to Fall to break out the neutral.

This color is called Yummy Mummy and has a teensy bit of a cool tone shimmer to it but doesn't look sparkly or metallic when on. Here is an admittedly bad photo of it on my nails. I have a chip on my left hand and taking a photo with your left hand while trying to adjust the lens with that same single hand is more difficult than it would even seem. So this is what you get.

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  1. So pretty!

    I just ordered nail polish in a tan-like colour from Sephora. Now I'm just waiting for it to ship and it's taking FOREVER!