Monday, August 23, 2010

Hip Hop Horray...Ho...Hey...Ho...

I hate running. It doesn't really make sense to me. It feels like something you should be doing when you are in danger, not for fun. I do need to start working out more though. I used to do the eliptical machine a lot and that was okay although it can get boring. I love basketball but in Portland there are few chances to play outdoors and at the gym most of the time the boys take over the court. I've taken yoga and all I want to do is talk and giggle which is heavily frowned upon in yoga classes. Spinning would kick my ass.

I needed to find something that would get me excited to go to the gym and not kill me.

That's when I discovered hip hop dance class.

For an upper middle class white girl I have an inordinate love of hip hop. I quite honestly relate to just about nothing when it comes to the lyrics but I love the music. In high school there was a group of boys I hung out with who called me "White Chocolate" due to my love of hip hop. I really can't imagine a more fun workout and I'm so excited to get started. I even went and saw Step Up 3 (it was no longer playing in 3D) in preparation.

I start tomorrow with my friend Craig and am looking forward to giving an update. I'm sure I will make a fool of myself but at least it will be fun and as far as I know you're allowed to laugh in hip hop class.


  1. I used to take a hip hop class with my best friend. So much fun.
    The teacher was an absolute nut and filled filled filled with energy. Loved her.