Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I did a bad, bad thing...

Even Javi likes them.


  1. LOLO!!!
    I'm in loooooooooooooove.
    Isn't it awesome being bad?


  2. Wow... So cute!!! You're allowed to be bad :)

  3. OK... I have a shoe-related question. You don't have to answer, but this is causing a bit of controversy in my house and I thought you might be a great person to have on my side :-)

    I was finally able to move my shoes into my new closet. And... there are a lot more than I thought there were. Like... 38 pairs. Not counting flips flops.

    So, Miss Lolo, may I ask: How many pairs of shoes do *you* have?

  4. Oh my, Liz. Um, more than 38 but I promise I'm not Mariah Carey ridiculous.

    I'm pretty firm on the no one gets to give me their unsolicited opinion of what's going on in my closet (unless it's positive) rule though. I've dated boys who ask if I really need another pair of shoes and I've had friends who I can tell think the amount of clothing I have is ridiculous but I don't think they've really earned a right to regulate my wardrobe. In fact I'm pretty sure that right is completely un-earnable.

    Plus if it's someone who's having sex with you who is giving you a hard time you can always just decide to walk around in just your shoes for awhile. I'm pretty sure that will end any debate surrounding the merits of good footwear.

  5. Ahahahahahaha! I like the way you think! And I'm pretty sure that my husband would hop on the band wagon a lot faster that way.