Monday, January 10, 2011

A Month of Photos: Days 7 & 8

Yesterday I spent the whole day being supremely unproductive and it was wonderful so I didn't end up posting my photo for the day. Which means you get two (and really it's three) today!

Day seven was supposed to be a photo that shows the real you. I guess to me that means something vulnerable. I have four tattoos but the ones that have the most significance to me are the ones on my wrists. One says 'live' and the other says 'heal.' I got the one that says live during a time in my life where I felt really stagnant. I think to some tattooing the word live on your wrist would be a reminder to do big things and take risks but for me it's more about doing things that challenge me but also being sure to work towards bettering my life and creating the way I want to live. It's a reminder to not be reckless.

When I got the word heal tattooed on me I was feeling a lot of hurt from a few things going on in my life and I needed a reminder to move on and get better and to grow from those things rather than dwell in them. I wanted to remember to learn from life rather than be brought down by it.

Both are in white ink so while they're out there for everyone to see few people actually notice them and it makes me feel as if I'm carrying around a secret. In a good way.

Day eight is "a picture that makes you laugh." So here it is.

UPDATE: These are what the tattoos look like today. Literally.


  1. Hey Lolo, Do you have a pic of the tattoos as they look today? The two pics you posted looks to have been taken when they were "fresh" and there's some redness around it that makes the white ink pop.
    I'm curious how the white ink looks against the skin once the redness and swelling had passed.
    (I'm considering adding a 4th tattoo in white ink...)

  2. I'll take a couple photos with my cell phone and post them. They won't be the best quality but you'll be able to see generally how they look now. They actually still are very visible if you're looking at them, other people just don't usually notice them if I'm not showing them to them. The white ink does work best on pale skin though.