Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Month of Photos: Day 6, somewhere I've been

I have this habit of never taking pictures when I travel. I get so wrapped up in experiencing what I'm doing and where I am that I end up with a few last minute photos when I remembered to take some. Also I don't like to put pictures of people on my blog without making sure it's okay with them. So for that reason you get a very loose interpretation of a travel photo.

For awhile I was visiting Boston pretty regularly to see a friend. There was one trip where we met in Chicago then flew back to Boston together. In Chicago we wanted to find a toy store for something...a back of the door basketball hoop I'm pretty sure. At one place we found these amazing scooters that we really wanted but they were like $200 and also we had to go to Boston on a plane and scooters probably would have been an oversized or not allowed item.

When we got back to Boston we went to Providence, RI to see a concert and on our way saw a Toys 'R' Us so we decided to stop and see if we could make a last effort to find a basketball hoop since apparently Chicago doesn't carry them. Somehow we decided to also buy a bunch of musical instruments including a keyboard and that we would use these to busk except we don't really like that word so we just called it pan-handling. When we got back to Boston (again) and bought bongos and decided to do this thing.

There was a lot of thought that went into this. We decided typing a sign, using a guitar case but no guitar, and wearing designer jeans would be the ultimate in pan handling irony. We went to Newbury street, a high end shopping area in Boston, and camped out in front of Ralph Lauren. We stayed about two hours before being interrupted by a thunder storm and having to pack up and run.

It was by far one of the most fun things I've done while traveling or ever.

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