Thursday, January 6, 2011

My most favorite cooking thing ever. For real this time.

It's no secret I'm not into recipes and that for this reason, I won't say I hate baking...but I do sort of hate it. I find it incredibly boring to follow a recipe and I guess I like a challenge and the reward of having actually made something delicious all on my own. To me baking is sort of like a paint by numbers Monet.

But I actually like baked food, I mean who doesn't? So I have a predicament right?


I found this book online and immediately ordered it online. I didn't even ship it, I just paid for it to be picked up in store. That's how anxious I was/am to have it. The book is called Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. It takes all kinds of foods that people make frequently and breaks them down into ratios (obviously). So rather than following a recipe for a pie crust you can see that to make a pie dough you need three parts flour, one part liquid, and two parts fat. Do you see what possibilities this opens?! I am beyond excited. Now I can use savory ingredients to make typically sweet things and vice versa. This is seriously awesome and I cannot wait to use this book for everything.

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