Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From the tips of my fingers...

Remember four months ago when Lady Gaga made "greige" happen on the September cover of Vanity Fair? Well someone should totally get me a magazine cover because I'm about to make beigrarple happen.

I bought this color, Muggins by Butter London, back in August and am just now getting around to wearing it. It's sort of a tan/gray/lavender color, it looks way more purple in the photo with flash than it does in real life. I'm pretty sure it's a new favorite though. I could probably use some cuticle oil too.

Also I think Day 3 of the photo month ("post a photo of the cast of your favorite show") is really stupid so I'm not doing it. My nails are probably more fun to look at anyways. If anyone cares I like Gossip Girl.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. Lord, I love me some nailpolish.

    MAC makes one similar to the color you're wearing, though it's a bit lighter. It's called "a light affair" and it's very dreamy!