Saturday, July 10, 2010

Four Eyes

I have worn glasses since I was five years old. There were a lot of really bad frame choices made while I was growing up. I had huge bright red plastic frames that took up half my face at one point. There were pink rectangular plastic frames, blue wire oval frames with a tiny dog sticker I stuck in the corner of one of the lenses...the list goes on.

It wasn't until I was quite a bit older that I realized there were actually some really fantastic eyeglasses to be had. And when I was old enough to pay for them myself, that's when the real fun began.

I recently had an eye exam and discovered my prescription has changed yet again. I already have a couple pairs of Chanel frames and I could have just had the lenses changed out (and still plan to) but what fun would that be? If I have to live my life with a pair of glasses resting on my face I am going to fully milk that situation for something to shop for.

These are my newest pair. I was looking for something very geek chic. Nerdy yet something very cute at the same time. I tried on about a billion (real number: 30ish) pairs of frames before trying these on and throwing all other options out. I immediately loved them. They're by Tory Burch although I can't find a name or style number. If I do though I will be sure to update. Also, they come with a very fun gold metallic case.

Also, unlike the tall and lanky blonde Free People models that is actually me.


  1. So even though you specifically said in previous posts "that's not me it's a Free People model" I still pictured you blonde - lol - funny how that works - glasses look fantastic

  2. Love the glasses. I'm cursed (blessed?) with poor eyesight as well and always look forward to picking up new glasses.

    And those ones? Super cute!

  3. I agree, I totally pictured you blonde as well :)

    I desperately need new frames. I saw a really cute 3 pack of reading glasses at costco that i may go back and buy and just have new frames made.

  4. Lex, I bought a pair of fake glasses at Nordstrom in the BP section awhile ago. They were ten dollars and very geeky. I was super tempted to bring them in and get real lenses put in.

  5. Sorry I meant new lenses :p

    It is tempting though, especially if you get bored quickly with the frames. I wish i could shop on line but i have narrow face so I have to try them all on first.