Thursday, July 1, 2010


I love lip gloss. It's actually bordering on a problem at this point. I tend to be fairly brand loyal when it comes to some products but with lip gloss all bets are off. That being said Dior lip products are incredible. The Dior Addict Ultra Gloss has such a perfect texture. It's smooth and light and while some amount of stickiness is unavoidable in a gloss it doesn't leave you with that feeling that you shouldn't actually put your lips together lest they stick that way. It sort of feels like if you mixed half lip balm with half gloss. And the colors! Oh, you will never find more gorgeous colors. Dior has perfectly mastered the balance between the sexiness of a bold lip and the class of a more subtle one. It never feels like you're just adding shine to your face. All these glosses have pigment that is clearly visible with some shades being quite brazen yet always sophisticated.

These three colors are my new favorites. The top one is called Pink Trench and is a pale pink color with a pearl shimmer and is the kind of color you can throw in your bag and apply without thinking twice about it because there isn't really any way to wear it wrong.

The middle one is called Black-Tie Plum and is one of the coolest colors I've ever seen. It's definitely dark but because it's a gloss it's much more sheer when applied than what you see in the tube. For me this is more of an "apply with purpose" sort of color but it's a lot different than what I typically wear and I'm enjoying doing something slightly out of my comfort zone.

That last one is called Evening Rose and is my current most favored. It's dark enough to look a little sultry but also completely day appropriate. And, the best part, it has some gorgeous gold shimmer going on.

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  1. I really like your use of the word "brazen." One of my favorite phrases to describe things is "Bold, yet not impudent." I heard someone use it to describe wine, but it is applicable to so many products.