Monday, July 12, 2010

Bake It Super Adorable

Cupcakes are having a moment. Or rather, a lot of moments. They may be the trendy treat of the moment but it really doesn't make them any less adorable or delicious.

I recently stumbled upon Bake It Pretty, a site full of the cutest little baking accessories ever. I don't even really like baking but I could not resist these fantastic cupcake papers. Adding to the adorable, everything came packaged like so. Also Javier was apparently very dissatisfied with not being the center of attention while I was photographing these so you get to see lots of him as well.

Here are some other things I got. First up, purple polka dot papers.

Some cupcake papers reminiscent of flowers. Or Mesopotamian architecture. Whichever really.

Treats. The flowers are for topping cupcakes with and while I am unsure exactly what they are made of it is something sugar based and they are edible. I cannot vouch for their taste however as I have not tried them. I have tried the delicious crunchy toffee crumbles and it is pertinent I make some cupcakes with those and promptly gift them before I sit on my bed watching The Hills and eating the entire bag.

These are gorgeous. The green is a really dark blue forest green and the pattern is in gold. They're super sophisticated and I can't wait to have an occasion to use them.

These are some of my favorites. I can see them working for so many different occasions. I have a birthday coming up...I may just use them to celebrate myself.


  1. Those are the prettiest cupcake papers I've ever seen! My husband would kill me if I spent money on that though...haha

  2. Love them!!

    Do you read Bakerella?

  3. Those are awesome. Love them! Now I want to bake cupcakes.