Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today

The sky in Portland can't figure out what season it is. One week it's almost 100 degrees and breaking records, the next it's 55 degrees and sprinkling all day. Sometimes the same thing will happen not within a couple weeks but during a single day.

I have officially given up on weather appropriate dressing. On this overcast, grey, wet day I am wearing this:

Dress by Lucca Couture in grey

Cardigan by Nordstrom BP in Sapphire

Shoes, 'Limit' ruffle flat by Me Too in red


  1. I'm having shoe-envy right now. ;>)

  2. Mommybyday, I have literally had women yell across the street in the city to me that they like my shoes when I'm wearing those.

    The other lion, I know! It's a trick. Almost any shoe looks great in red, especially red patent. If I bought every red shoe I loved I would own an entire wardrobe of ruby footwear.

  3. I too, LOVE red shoes. Love em. I actually bought the cheapest crappiest pair of red shoes from Payless just because they were $20 and I really , really wanted red shoes!

  4. I've pretty much decided that I am living in dresses/cardigans next year. I teach school and that attire would be appropriately awesome. Plus, your outfits are ultra cute and sassy! Thanks for the inspiration!

    MsMlj (wandered over from DooceComm...)