Saturday, July 3, 2010

Glowy Dewy Model Skin

My mother never allowed me to wear makeup when I was growing up. This resulted in me sneaking makeup into the house then taking it to school where I would apply it in the bathroom before class. My first months of makeup wearing consisted of foundation that was too dark, silver eyeshadow, and mascara that inevitably wound up smeared around my eyes when I rubbed them, being unaccustomed to the whole makeup thing.

As I got older I became more apt at the art of beauty but have gone through my phases. At this point I'm all about simple, fresh, and clean. I don't wear eyeshadow or liner and while I love the look of lipstick and how it feels so old school glamorous I've realized it's a special occasion thing for me.

I've been trying to find some makeup that will work for summer. Less powder, more creams/gels that can handle the heat. While I've heard many lovely things about Tarte gel blush I've always been a little hesitant to put a big swipe of bright color on my face and hope for the best. I wish I would have gotten over that ages ago though because I can't see myself ever going back to a powder blush. This product is seriously fantastic. It gives gorgeous color, a great sheen, and blends incredibly. I've been using Blissful and Tipsy and I love both equally. I have very pale skin and they give the perfect glow.

Another thing that gives glow? Highlighters and luminizers. I've typically used some kind of golden powder but in my quest for liquid makeup I stumbled upon this luminizer by Smashbox. It comes in three colors and I chose 'flash' which is an iridescent pink. I ordered it online and when I opened it I thought it could only be bad news. It was sort of purple-y and orange and did not look at all like something I should be putting on my face but since Sephora has such an excellent return policy I figured there was no harm in trying it out. And I am so glad I did.

Seriously, this product is magic. It makes my face look like I have a personal lighting person following me around. Go. Try it.

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