Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today

Apparently I am having a thing for red lately. Also dresses, but that's pretty standard for me.

Today I am wearing the following dress with a black boyfriend cardigan. I know I wear cardigans a ridiculous amount of the time, especially given it's summer, but there really is a method to my madness. This is going to be a convoluted mess of information but let me see if I can explain.

First of all I love dresses. I feel like they are the quintessential "I did nothing but I look great" piece of clothing. Seriously, people think wearing a dress is this big to do but it's such a simple way to get dressed. You grab a single piece of clothing, throw it over your head, and you're done. Whenever I show up wearing a dress and my friends ask why I'm dressed up I want to fall to the floor from rolling my eyes so hard. The fact that I live in the Northwest where Patagonia passes as dinner date appropriate doesn't really help matters much. I know that is not really explaining why I'm wearing a cardigan in the middle of July but I'm getting there.

By Xhilaration for Target in Tomato Red.

I'm a big believer in the power of accessories and the addition of other pieces in being able to completely change the look or appropriateness for various occasions an outfit possesses. I could wear this dress by itself with a pair of sandals and a wide belt to go shopping or over a bathing suit with flip flops to go to the pool or with a shrug and heels to dinner. Or...I can wear it with the following flats and a black tissue thin boyfriend cardigan and go to work. That cardigan simply minimizes the skin being shown enough for me to get away with wearing that dress to work, which also makes the dozens of sleeveless dresses I own multifunctional and able to be worn year round, which in essence makes them all better investments.

Just let me know if you ever need help justifying a purchase. I'm your girl.

Shoes are 'Amber flat' in Natural by Michael by Michael Kors.

I'm also carrying around this bag today.

Rosette Pleated Hobo by Nordstrom.

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  1. Seriously love it! I'm the same with cardigans in the summer. Multi-functional, also? My office is freaking cold.

    Pretty sure I look like a hobo compared to you today. Jeans, Birkenstocks, tank top, long cardigan.

    I'll be sad when Stampede is over and I can't wear jeans to work every day.