Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happening in Threes

So, it's about nine billion degrees here lately.

Okay, that might be slightly dramatic. It's been in the nineties, which may mean nothing to those of you in other parts of the country but I'm in the Northwest! It's supposed to be a steady stream of seventy five degree days in the summer sprinkled with the occasional thunderstorm. Instead, I am dying.

Besides it being too hot to do anything but lay in front of a fan and eat popsicles I am also having the computer break down to end all computer break downs. I have a 13" Macbook Pro. A friend of mine discovered he had some extra student loan money and decided he wanted to use it to purchase a computer. I've been wanting a larger screen so for a moment everything in the universe aligned to get us each what we wanted. I would purchase a 15" Macbook Pro and sell him my 13" one. So, I bought the new laptop on Thursday.

Maybe it sounds silly but I didn't really see the need to tear into the new computer right away. I had the old one and knew that transferring everything might take a few hours. I planned to just do it the next evening.

Apparently the universe was just teasing me before because the next day my laptop started doing this wonderful thing where all it would show was a blue screen. I took it to Apple on Saturday and they replaced something. I picked it up Sunday and everything was better.


Now the computer would act like a computer but when I tried to Firewire all the info to the new laptop it wouldn't recognize it was connected. So, back to Apple on Monday to have them figure it out. Only, and I'm sort of proud of this but also a bit frightened, the Genius Bar guys were stumped. They have no idea what is wrong with it. So, it was checked into triage once again.

At this point I have a laptop that will connect to the internet but has pretty much no other information on it. No music, no photos, no documents. And I will be needing to make my fifth trip to Apple in less than one week to pick up the 13" laptop.

In more complaining news I messed up the muscles in my shoulder and was prescribed pain killers that basically make it impossible for me to do anything other than melt into a puddle which means I have opted not to take them so that I can go to work and drive and not lay in bed for a week. I'm supposed to take these things three times a day for ten days! It's insanity. Instead I am taking massive amounts of Advil.

If anyone has a kidney they want to donate to me let me know.

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