Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter in Autumn

I never really thought I would hear myself say I was going to a craft fair, let alone get so excited for one I sent daily texts in the week before it occurred full of exclamation points declaring how excited I was. I guess when I picture a craft fair I think of something along the lines of this. Which is pretty much my own personal hell.

When Miss Lana brought up the idea I was skeptical until she had me Google "little winter market" and I saw this. I mean, if this was what craft fairs were like on the regular I would be a craft fair junkie. Go ahead and tie me off with one of those crocheted scarves.

So after our cooking class on Saturday we walked over to The Cleaners by the Ace Hotel and the place was packed, both with people and amazing.

I'm pretty sure if I could swag pine boughs all over my apartment and 1. Be able to walk upright and 2. Not seem like a total nutjob, I probably would.

While there were about 50 billion adorable and aesthetically pleasing things up for grabs I demonstrated some restraint and only purchased some small artwork, some rings I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without, and some hair accessories as gifts.

These rings don't seem like a big deal until you put them on. Because they're all slightly irregularly shaped they end up creating a really beautiful textured look. They're also extremely "sparkly."

Favor Jewelry by Monika Reed

I cannot emphasize how in love with these tiny paintings I am. In my apartment I have a wall with a big jumble of framed things. I can't wait to add these guys to it.

By kikiandpolly

It always annoys me when people look at art and proclaim they "could have done that" because, well, they didn't. This drawing may look like scribbles but they're fantastic, talent filled scribbles.

Miss Stanley by Paul Ferney

I'm thinking these will be super cute tied to the top of some gifts. That is if I don't decide to just keep them all for myself...

Twigs and Honey by Myra Callan

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  1. Dude, Lo. I had the same image in my head when I read "Craft Fair." I was like... nu-uh, she's WAY too hip for that mess!

    But, yeah. Turns out it was dope.
    Don't ever let War Eagle, Arkansas, trick you into thinking it will be hip. I'm not kidding.