Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Spin Me Right Round

When I was growing up I loved Thanksgiving. Maybe just because it meant it was getting close to Christmas, but now that I'm an adult and I don't have any family I guess the holiday just holds no meaning for me. I had a friend I used to make vegetarian Thanksgiving with but she moved far away. Last year I made green bean casserole, my most favorite Thanksgiving dish, and spent the day having a long distance movie marathon on the phone with a friend. This year I've nearly forgotten that Thanksgiving is even happening. I have not forgotten Christmas though and I cannot wait until next Thursday passes so my enthusiasm will be socially acceptable.

One Christmas thing I am very excited about is making a wreath. I've never done this before with the exception of a very minor role in helping my mom make one one year. Her's had bells and little fake presents and was in general a little on the...kitschy side. And while I am all about a holiday where you bring a tree in your house and attack it with lights, glitter, and shine, I think I want my wreath to be slightly more tasteful.

I'm no gardener so I'm aware I am not using official terminology here but I really like the look of a leafy plant with a more pine-y plant. And I love the sophistication that something monochromatic yet possessing various textures has.

I don't think I'm into how minimalistic this is, plus it'd be a challenge to do by hand, but I love the idea of incorporating some mirrored tiles into a wreath. Maybe just hidden a bit to create some surprise sparkle.

I like the idea behind this but I'm not sure I like this exact execution. If I were to do this I'd be sure to leave the center empty and I may lean towards a slightly more traditional color scheme. Not necessarily red and green but maybe some variations of burgundy and some metallics. Also there needs to be a bow.

Feathers are one of those things that can go from gorgeous to gross pretty quickly. I don't know if I could handle an entire wreath of feathers but I'd be down for some peacock feathers tucked in there somewhere.

This would be a strictly indoor wreath but I live in an apartment so that would work for me. All that's going on here is loops of paper. I'm pretty sure the hardest part for me would be not buying every piece of paper in the store.

I know I dissed tiny presents earlier but my mom's wreath didn't look like this. I think if you ditched the unintentional Tiffany's theme and worked with some bold colors this could be adorable with out being too adorable.

This wreath is made of herbs! I'll just give you a minute to process how awesome that would smell.

This wreath was made by cutting out holly leaf shapes from old Christmas cards. I don't think I have enough friends to go that route but I'm liking the idea with another medium. I'm also wondering if another shape would be cool. I've got a lot of cookie cutters I could trace...

I'll let you know how mine turns out!

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  1. Ugh, these are GORGEOUS. Tons of inspiration here, thanks Lolo. Can't wait to see what you come up with.