Thursday, October 14, 2010

When weird turns cute...

I went shoe shopping with a friend the other day with no real intention to buy any shoes. But when does that ever work? Anyways, I've been looking at these shoes for awhile but every time I see them I feel like something's wrong with them. They sort of curl up at the ends when not on a foot and while that alone wouldn't be enough to deter me from making a purchase there was just something odd about the strap placement. My assumption was it would end up under the leg of a pant and essentially render a black leather flat.

I'm not big on the whole trying things on for fun thing since, I mean, how fun is that for the salesperson? But I decided to go ahead and try these. I needed to finally see what was going on with these shoes.

And here's the part where I was totally and utterly wrong. First of all, as you can see, I was way off in guessing where the strap would land. Maybe if I was wearing wide leg trousers it would be covered but I would never wear these shoes with wide leg trousers so we're good. Also, it isn't noticeable really but the shoe has a slight wedge which gives you maybe an inch without really entering heel territory.

I still maintain they're weird shoes but as I was wearing them in the store they started really growing on me. I've never understood grown women being fascinated with Mary Janes but this shoe made me sort of get it. It's like an update on a classic yet they look vintage at the same time.

I'm in love.

Magna flat by Vera Wang Lavendar in black


  1. That photo is gorgeous. (And the shoes are lovely, too. =)

  2. Those shoes did turn out to be quite lovely. How are the Badgley Mishkas working out?