Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time for Another Round of "I'm sorry you found my blog when you were actually looking for..."

I'm pretty sure I will never stop thinking that the random search terms leading to my blog are funny. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

West Highland Terriers

Okay, so yeah, I mentioned I wanted a West Highland Terrier. Once. I'm not even going to check and see how far down the list this here site is when you are Googling for Westies because I'm pretty positive it will be on page 8,000 of the search results.

I wouldn't stop here
I'm sure this led here because of the post about Kevin that I titled "But I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to stay..." Which is fine, that makes sense. But what I'm really intrigued by is what they were actually looking for. Where would you not stop?!

coloring page cat got wet
I sort of feel bad for this person because I'm imagining a child with a soaked coloring book and his partially colored picture of a cat looking for some kind of rescue solution for his work of art. And he finds this. 800 photos of Javier.

midget clothing/midget clothes
Okay, this by far gives me the most guilt. I once titled a post something like "Clothes for Little People (not midgets)" It was about a line of children's clothing that I thought was really cute and now I keep seeing that people are finding my blog by looking for midget clothing and it almost makes me want to actually write a post of clothing for little people, this time not children, so that when they end up here they don't just end up pissed off at me. Except if I Googled it I'd obviously just find my own blog.

pirate purse
People are always finding my blog by looking for pirate purses. I know they end up here because of the Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Pirate Mabel Tote but seriously, why are so many people looking for pirate purses year round? When I posted it it was the end of August so for awhile I figured there were just some people really eager to celebrate Halloween but this has continued to be a top search term. It makes me a little uneasy.

will smith

I feel sort of bad for Will Smith that someone was actually interested in things about him and they ended up seeing what I did for 4th of July.

tiger dogs
People are like, really into searching for tiger dogs. This is one of the few I don't feel bad about though because if you're seriously thinking about dying your pet to look like a different pet then you deserve to end up confused and lost in the internet.

west highlandi terjer

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  1. This post is a great idea. I should do something like this... Oh the things people google.