Monday, September 13, 2010

Clothes That Make No Sense

I'm really into the whole Winter shorts thing right now. I mean, not right now right now because Portland has decided after a Summer of days in the 60s that now, in September it is going to be 80 degrees out. But for the (hopefully) coming cold weather, I am really into shorts made of wool and tweed and all the heavier Fall and Winter fabrics. I'm loving the idea of shorts with slouchy knee high boots and a big sweater or shorts worn with opaque tights and flats. It's very Blair Waldorf in a way that is far more wearable that say, a giant bow headband.

So I started looking at Winter appropriate shorts like these.

Both above models in Tweed Short by Sanctuary in Pepper. At Nordstrom this short sells for $42.90, at Free People $86

Cocktail Shorts by Literature in Black

Now apparently somewhere along the way some designers decided they were going to play a very cruel joke on consumers are try to make this happen.

Leather shorts.

Leather Short by Trouve in Black

Shakuhachi Leather Short by Free People in Brown

Seriously? Why is this happening? Look at that first model, she's physically pained by wearing these shorts. Am I the only one that thinks this looks like just about the least comfortable thing ever to wear?

I will admit when I saw this photo I was in love with this girl's outfit.

Denver Leather Short by Joie in Charcoal

But I'm also going to suggest the shorts in this photo have been photoshopped beyond recognition. Because the shorts in that photo of that lovely girl looking so effortlessly chic and sexy as she walks down the street obliviously checking her Blackberry, those shorts theoretically are these shorts:

Which makes zero sense. Also I'm just going to throw out there that for $378 my ass better look a whole lot better than that.

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  1. I love wearing shorts with opaque tights an old school sweatshirt during the winter. Or a loose sweater.

    I like the whole long-sleeves-and-shorts look. The way you're talking about it WAY classier though. Haha!