Saturday, September 11, 2010

"People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."

So I did it. I'm officially a redhead.

It's the kind of red that's dark and deep and rich. One of those colors that doesn't scream what it is. My hairdresser did a better job than I can describe getting me to a color that's definitely red but not so far away from where I was that I suffered shock. This photo doesn't demonstrate truly how red the color is but the sun is nearly down and also I'm too lazy to go outside and take a photo. Perhaps tomorrow though.

I feel like a new woman. A new sassy woman.

Update: My hair in the sun.


  1. Cute!! (You must take sunshiny pics soon!)

  2. Can I salon recommendation? I've only had my professionally "fixed" thanks to a brown over ash accident that created a nice purple hue. Needless to say, your hair looks great.

  3. Me too! As of two days ago! And I love it love it love it.
    Also, you're waaaaaaaaaaay more adorable than I was anticipating. Not that I didn't think you were adorable, but you're super duper adorable!

  4. It looks great -- your cut is awesome too.

    I do my own red (Garnier -- love it!) and have for years. When someone recently called me a redhead, I was so excited.

  5. It is cute. I used to die my hair red regularly, and I may have to go back to it.

    Also, is the title a quote from Anne of Green Gables? If so, I must compliment your quoting taste again.

  6. Mommybyday, here's a sunshine photo for you!

    Growingrice, I go to Magnum Opus in NW Portland. They're fantastic and were just named one of the top 100 salons in the country by Elle magazine.

    Kaimoana, well then that makes two of us who are super adorable!

    Catfish, I used to dye my hair brunette myself in college and did a great job but I have had very bad do it myself experiences both before and after that so now I leave it to the pros. I envy those with the talent to do their hair themselves though.

    Grammargeek, you really are on your quoting game.

  7. Wow, it turned out great. Lovely red :).

  8. Oooo! Nice! I love it when my hair shines differently in the sunlight. Congrats on the new look!

  9. Officially, you look very nice as an official redhead.

  10. Adorable!

    Love the sunshine pic :)