Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm not colorblind. I swear.

So, earlier in the summer there were pink lemons. Now apparently there are yellow watermelon.

This weekend I was watching the girls I used to nanny and we were getting dinner ready. And by that I mean we were taking the food their parents had bought out of the containers and putting it on plates. Anyways, one of the munchkins asked if we could have watermelon to which I answered hell yeah we can have watermelon.

I grabbed it and a cutting board and started that super satisfying first cut into a melon when the halves parted and rolled back onto the board. That's when I felt crazy. I have never seen the inside of a watermelon be anything other than pink. At first I thought maybe something was wrong with it. Then I tried it and realized everything about it was right.

This was the best watermelon I have ever had. In my entire life. Ever.

Apparently this breed? of watermelon is called yellow crimson. Which makes basically no sense but whatever. In the small amount of Googling I did I discovered it is known for having a sweeter and more honey flavor than traditional red watermelon. Let me tell you, this thing tastes like candy.

I found out later that this one was purchased at the Farmer's Market but if you can find one yourself somewhere you must try it.


  1. i grew one of those once... SOOOO YYYYUUUUMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!

  2. Whoa, crazy. I'm gonna have to try one!