Monday, April 18, 2011

And the winner is...

With a last minute and totally hilarious entry the Le Creuset sparkly pink spatula, the Kuhn Rikon ceramic knife, and the adorable cookie cutters go to Curiosity! If you missed her response here it is:

"Oooooo...pretty knife!! Pretty spatula! I am completely helpless to resist everyday items in bright colours. My husband convinced me to purchase our first laptop by saying we could get it in apple green. No joke. I would treasure that knife.

I LOVE that knife. And using the time-honoured wisdom of elementary school aged children everywhere, I would, of course, then have to marry it. Or think it over at the minimum. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about polyandry, but I would ask it to move in with me at least. I'm sure my husband would have some difficulty adjusting, but in time he would come to accept it. I could spend long Sunday afternoons with that knife, chatting, and laughing, and doing crossword puzzles, and then taping the crossword puzzles back together where he got a bit overzealous. We could go out in the evening, and cut a rug. And he would tease me because I'm not as good at it as he is, and I would say "cut it out!". And he would. And then he'd give it to me, because he's sweet like that. And at the end of the day, we could curl up in bed together and spoon. Because he is also willing to try to be different, just for me.

And with all our inevitable half-knife, half-human children running slowly around (because they're sharp objects, and we'll be good parents I'm sure), we'll need to make a lot of birthday cookies and themed pancakes and such, and we will need non-boring cookie cutters (because no child of this union is likely to end up boring), and spatulas. And a glittery pink spatula would be enough to actually convince me to bake them all myself rather than buying them from the corner store and spritzing flour on myself like they do in that commercial.

And with such a loving family and so many hands around just ready to pet things, our cat might need a companion to avoid being overloaded by love and affection, so your cat would fit in just perfectly. He is a very handsome cat, and I'm sure we would adore him.

...What do you mean the cat wasn't part of the giveaway list?"

But! Don't be too sad because if you are Angela I would love to give you a runner up prize of a collection of cookie cutters to use with your nephews. And if you are Lex then you too will be receiving some cookie cutters so you can make your sick friend some fancy cookies.

So Ladies (or gents?) if you want to claim your winnings go ahead and send me an email with your username (so I know what you won), and an address to which I can mail your winnings to There's no reason you need to give me your actual name if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

I'm already planning another giveaway although I'm thinking this one is going to be a more style inspired so keep your eyes out.


  1. Eeeeee! So exciting! And seriously, I really will love those items. I can't wait!

  2. @Curiosity - I'm going to force you to bring them to Halifax so we can all "ooo" and "ahhh" over them :P

    Awesome! I'm going to start Googling for some vegan surgar cookie recipes (or ANY vegan cookie). Hooray! :)

  3. yay! I can't wait for the style giveaway!