Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

The other night my face was driving me crazy. I have pretty good skin so I don't really take good care of it. Because any time there's a problem it generally just figures it out on it's own. I once spent three weeks in Boston during the middle of Winter, used no moisturizer, and my face was fine. My "skin routine" consists of washing my face with some grapefruit Neutrogena face soap every other day in the morning and then just washing my face with water on the days I don't use the soap. And I mostly only use the soap because I like the smell of it.

So yeah, not good at taking care of my skin. I do use sunscreen daily though. Oh, and I get a facial every three months but I am contemplating being done with those.

Anyways, the other night I think my skin had had enough. It was crying out for some love. I won't get into the gritty details but basically my face felt greasy and my pores looked awful. And I could feel one of those painful under the surface zits.

I searched my apartment high and low for a face mask, any kind of face mask. I usually keep these little individual packaged ones (you may remember them from the holiday gift guide) but I had nothing. I remembered though this story my hair guy told me last time I saw him about this black face mask he had and how he scared his boyfriend while wearing it. I decided that was reason enough to try it.

I picked up a bottle yesterday and decided to go for it. I had read some reviews on the Sephora site which proved to be helpful. The mask is supposed to peel off, not wash off, so I knew some people had had trouble with not putting it on thick enough. I went ahead and slathered it on.

Javi was super helpful by sitting totally in the way and making it impossible for me to use my sink. But he's cute so I let him sit there and fed him water. (Psssst! Look at his little pink tongue!)

You're supposed to let it dry for 15 minutes so I went to watch Bad Girls Club since that seemed an okay thing to watch sans glasses. Figured I wasn't missing much.

After 15 minutes I got to start peeling it off.

I had read that this mask was basically like a giant Biore pore strip and it's true. It was awesome. I could see all the sick stuff from my skin on the under side of the mask. This is also where I discovered that there is totally a reason they tell you to not get it too near your hair line. I had some tiny baby hairs that got stuck and it wasn't pleasant to tear them out. I also learned that I had maybe been a tad too generous with the mask. If you layer it too thick it just doesn't dry so there were a couple spots I just gave up on and washed off.

Afterward my skin felt incredible. My pores looked smaller and cleaner and my face feels super soft to the touch. It's recommended you use the mask twice a week, I haven't decided if that's really necessary since I got such impressive results the first time. It might be a bit overkill to do it twice a week. But I'll definitely keep using it. And you should too!

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