Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodwill Unto Me

Craig and I went to Goodwill last night. We have one here on the East side of the city that's gigantic and awesome and always has something amazing. last night was no different.

Craig was looking for wall art. I was mostly teasing him by pulling out the most hideous things possible. Until I found this. I started to say "Hey Craig, I found you a picture of the Last Supper!" but I didn't get that far because part way through my sentence I realized that this thing is awesome and I did not want to hand it off to him. We both just stood there and there was a moment of silence before, at the same time, we both said "I actually like it..." Finders keepers though so I got it.

Craig found this and said "Look, I found this for you." and then showed it to me clearly trying to insult me by insinuating I'm a crazy cat lady but it didn't work because I snatched it from him and threw it in my cart with plans to make a wall of weird plates in those plates on the wall stand things. He apparently hasn't realized I've embraced being a cat lady. In fact, I'm going to put this in my bedroom and freak out any boys that may make their way into there.

Javi got a little jealous I was giving the plate cats so much attention.

Next I found this which is a conspiracy theory plate. Sounds just about perfect to add to the wall of weird plates.

This is a little blurry mostly because I was bending over while standing in heels to take a picture of this while hurrying out the door to work. If you can make it out though it says lots of fun facts about Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln and implies something was going on but never really makes clear what exactly could have been going on...

Happy Friday!

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