Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Cashew cream and sautéed pears baked into pâté sucrée and covered with a milk chocolate rosemary ganache.

Yes, it was amazing.


  1. OH YEA! we forgot to eat that. ha. you probably enjoyed it more than i would have. the chocolate you got for me was AMAZING. and THANK god i had the NFT book!!!! i used it to get to the house!!

  2. Is that breakfast, or dessert? YUM!

  3. I know what we are doing next time we hang out......

  4. It's dessert FOR breakfast!

    Tova, it's such a good sweets place but me being not super into sweets this little rosemary concoction and some other totally savory potato thing were the only two things I was dying over. You'll love it though.

    Lana, it was actually really good. I think you would have liked it. I'm glad the book came in handy for something. It's not as fun as the other but you found a cat plate so I'm pretty sure you're doing okay.