Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White cheddar polenta cakes served over greens topped with red pepper sauce!

Brittany and Lana came over last week to cook. We made a jillion green veggies to serve with white cheddar polenta cakes and a red pepper sauce. The sauce was from a jar but since then I've worked out a way to make it on my own so I'm going to count it as not cheating. For veggies we used brussel sprouts, brocolini, spinach, asparagus, haricots verts, and then I intended to use peas and zucchini as well except I forgot. We mixed polenta with a couple eggs, salt, pepper, and grated white cheddar then created patties that were amazing with a little crisp on the outside and the cheese melted.

The whole thing was delicious.

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