Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Wish List...done a little differently

So, for the past seasons I've made a wish list of clothes and accessories I would love to have to wear for that season. Some of the stuff I've ended up getting, some of it I haven't. When it comes to the warmer months though...I don't know. I suppose I possess no self control. I think of my style as feminine without being girly. I'm not into ruffles and pink and bunches of florals but I'd be kidding myself if I didn't claim to love an empire waist and dresses and beautiful, light fabrics. I'm also a sucker for a killer heel. So when Spring is headed our way I've already fallen for all the dresses and shorts and wedge sandals. And the last thing I need is to be making a list of things I want. In fact, I've cut myself off. So this season, rather than a list of all the things I want to wear, I'm going to give you all the things I'm going to wear. For me this is going to be the season of sundresses, maxi dresses, feminine blazers, and chunky heeled sandals.

Oh, and sparkle of course.

I'm feeling a little lazy so I'm probably not going to do my whole name of garment, brand, color name thing tonight. I bet you'll live though. If you really want the info for something you can ask.

I'm a little frightened of my boobs and this dress but I'll worry about that later.

This blazer looks a little boring but is a really beautiful light nude pink in person.

The second I saw this I had to have it. I am going to live in this dress.

I'll wear a shirt when wearing this blazer. How adorable over a sundress with sandals right? I can't wait.

These shorts are by Free People and are called "layering shorts." They're super see-through. Lana has a pair too but hers have flowers on them. She came up with the idea to wear little booty shorts under them. My plan is that, and I've got some super cute colors, or to use these under shorter dresses.

Okay, so I like some pink...

This dress is so pretty in person, so much better than the photo. I love how the drops on the dress get messy towards the bottom.

I'm in love with these shoes.

Okay, I like some florals too.

I paid $20 for these. And they are amazing. I saw the Noisettes once and Shingai Shoniwa was wearing sequined shorts. I had to have a pair and bought the perfect ones in black at Forever 21. This year every single label has a pair of sequined shorts out and they're all around $200 and up. And they all have sequins on the butt which is super uncomfortable and bad for the shorts. Mine were a fraction of that ridiculous price aaaaaaand have a nice clean smooth butt. Take that you sparkly assed bitches.

Do you want to wear these pants with me? You probably could. They are amazing by the way.

Cutest dress ever.

Lace blazers are definitely in my top ten favorite fashion things. I have one in black and I adore it. Spring calls for something a little lighter as well.

This is by a label I just recently discovered called Upson Downes. It's sold through Urban Outfitters and they make really simple, clean clothes in amazing fabrics. They are the masterminds behind the aforementioned sequined shorts as well.

We've talked about these. Like two days ago actually. But here they are again. They're so comfortable yet sexy and tall. You need them. That's all there is to it.

These are almost too cute but stay on just this side of the line. They're scalloped eyelet shorts. Actually, scratch that, they're being sold as an it. And it, is a skort. I mean come on right? Doesn't matter. I caved.

Well, I'm definitely not wearing any part of this outfit that is not the blazer.

Some of you might remember this dress from last Summer and my search for the perfect beach dress. I've actually been wearing it this Winter with sweaters over it but it's coming along for Spring too.

The gold glitter Jimmy Choos. I'm wearing these every season for the rest of my life.

These are fairly simple black shorts with a subtle ruffle trim. The fun thing though is they have a big sash attached to them that you can tie in a big bow in either the front or the back depending on what you're wearing.

I actually own this dress in green but I forgot to grab a shot of it back before it was sold out. It's so light and flattering and perfect. It's pretty sheer so I wear a tank under but how perfect would that slouchy white blazer be over this (when the dress is green)?

I bought this dress a few months ago and have not stopped getting compliments. It's my favorite having people over dress because it's pretty but I can still cook and pull things out of the oven and get drinks and host without worrying about if my dress is too short.

I know I've been doing a lot of clothes stuff lately but life has been crazy and I haven't had much time to cook. I'm planning on round two of ravioli soon though. I also have a really fun decorating project I'm going to try to finish up and post about this weekend.

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  1. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the third dress. It's so cute! I'm scared to see if Free People ships to Canada. Let's hope they don't, my bank account can't handle that.

    I wish I could pull off the maxi dress. My hips are wide compared to the rest of me and they just end up looking funny.