Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warm Weather Eats

I can't wait for it to be Spring and have all the fresh, light foods that come with warmer weather! I always buy high quality ingredients and it's important to me to eat organically and if given a choice I always go for local foods but I haven't been terribly diligent about eating seasonally. Which is really a shame because I feel a lot of creativity comes from using foods you might not be familiar with. This Summer though I'm wanting to make a better effort to shop at farmer's markets and grow my own herbs. I can't wait to make glazed salmon and fresh pasta salads and cold veggies and fruit and popsicles and gallete and everything else. I also see my ice cream maker getting a whole lot of use.

These are some of the things inspiring me right now.


  1. All that food looks so AMAZING! YUMMY!

    And the popsicles?! Oh my gosh.

  2. I should NOT read your blog when I am hungry. I love the little green pasta with the red sauce picture, that one and the waffle are killing me right now! (hmm craving carbs much me?)

  3. I'm pretty sure I need that milk chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks. And the potato rosemary pizza. And the pumpkin pie pops. And the rosemary brussel sprouts with garlic mashed potatoes and the mojito popsicles and a deconstructed egg sandwich and...

    Instead I am eating oatmeal.