Friday, September 30, 2011

Big News (coming soon!)

I know I've not been a good blogger lately but part of that (a very big part) is because I am working on a new project (the other part os the cough that will not die). I'm super excited about it and trying to get all the details worked out at least enough so that I can begin to tell you about it. It's something that combines bunches of the things I'm most passionate about and that make me happy so obviously it's a jumble of fun.

Also I promise it has nothing to do with my pets.

In other exciting but not secret news I had a review at Sur la Table recently and one of the things I brought up was wanting to help design some vegetarian classes. I never follow recipes so it will be a new experience to write recipes. I also think I'll learn a lot about how I cook and become really aware of what I do and the reasons I make food the way I do. What I'd love from any of you that want to help me out are suggestions for vegetarian meals. I have tons of things I like to make but the reason we don't do a lot of vegetarian classes is people don't sign up for them. Soooo...I need to know what people want to make. If you're a meat eater even better. Also, what do you not want to learn how to make? I'm pretty big on leaving tofu and tempeh out of my cooking because I think you can make so much better food without it so those are probably out but anything else you're tired of seeing or think sounds gross or whatever the reason is let me know. I'm pretty sure the world doesn't need any more nut loaves.


  1. Maybe seasonal main dishes? It seems like many vegetarian meals are just a bunch of side dishes. So a meal for every season featuring a main dish (that isn't pasta or a portabello mushroom) with sides.

  2. for me is is dishes that can work as a side or a main, so if you have a vegetarian coming over for dinner they aren't starving, but you also don't have to plan the menu around them.

    Also I would SO take your classes.