Monday, September 19, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

So, this weekend...what a train wreck. Saturday morning I had a major missing Kevin meltdown with tears and everything. Suprisingly this is sort of the first time since his funeral that's happened. I get sad and I miss him but I think there was some sort of significant relief from being upset once he was buried. Maybe what made being sad this weekend so hard was that it came out of nowhere...

But, one of the good things about this weekend was Tova came back from Canada to do some sort of citizenship thing so we got together Saturday afternoon. We dropped Tiger off at daycare and went on a shopping trip. The plan was for her husband to pick up Tiger and bring him to meet us and some friends for dinner but David called saying Tiger was throwing up and I would have to come pick him up.

Tiger ate chocolate.

Now, I don't want to seem insensitive. I know that he's the one who was throwing up and it's obviously, when you get down to it, my fault he was able to get chocolate (it was a very small amount). But oh my God. The thing is, when dogs eat chocolate yes it's super scary and dangerous and they throw up and have dihrrea but they aren't like children with the flu who want to snuggle up on you and sleep in between rushed trips to the bathroom to vomit. Dogs are fucking insane.

Tiger spent the entire Saturday night and Sunday into the afternoon running around like he would never again get a chance to run. The sugar and caffeine combined in his tiny body to give him the ability to not sleep at all for 24 hours and in turn make it so I could not sleep either. And in his fit of energy Tiger leapt over a table, knocked everything on it off including one of my favorite mugs a friend brought me back from France, and broke it.

And then I stepped on it. And this happened.

I had to assist a cooking class after that which means I had to stand on my weird blood bruise injury for four hours. Then, I think the universe realized I'd kind of been pushed to my limit and decided to give me a break because I got home, Tiger cuddled up with me, fell asleep, and I got to chat with Trista for a long time. And everything seemed okay again.

Times like this though make me so thankful again for therapy and medication. A year ago a weekend like this would just have me a mess. And yeah, okay, I sort of lost it when I hadn't slept at all and my dog knocked a bunch of stuff down and broke something I loved and I totally made him have a timeout and wouldn't accept his kisses like the mature adult I am but I also just had to sort of laugh at the whole thing. Which isn't something I could do before.

I've never been so happy for a weekend to be over or more excited for the next one.

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