Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair Obsession

Tova was in town this weekend proving to the government she should be allowed to be a US citizen so someday she can come back from Canada. It was so incredibly fantastic to see her even though it made me wish she was still living in Oregon. We decided to do some fall and winter shopping on Saturday and stumbled upon the accessories department at Nordstrom which, in case you didn't know, is filled with the most shiny and fun stuff. The girl working there showed us how to do this...thing. It's a fantastic way to wear your hair up without looking like you don't care about doing it. Even if that's totally the case.

I tried to explain the whole thing to Trista over Google Chat the other night and came up with this.

I sort of doubt she actually understood what I was talking about but apparently she did. And I can't really figure out a better way to explain with the exception of maybe weeding out some of the 'like's and 'sort of's. Here is a picture to help. You can ignore the fact that I am driving in it.

The whole thing seriously takes like 30 seconds and makes you feel like a princess. I've worn my hair like this the past two days and gotten tons of compliments. I have a feeling I'm going to be headband binging soon as well. Here are a few I'm currently lusting after.

Knotted Silk Headwrap, $38, Anthropologie

Ball and Chain Headwrap, $28, Nordstrom

Zina Stone Headpiece, $38, Free People

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