Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Debate

craig: There was a tornado in Silverton today.
me: oh wow
maybe it will SNOW!!!!!
i told Lana you don't want it to snow and she agreed that we don't really care if your dad has to come pick you up
craig: I don't think it's going to get cold enough this week. You two are jerks
me: hahahaha
we want it to get cold enough NEXT week
craig: Whatever. You are jerks
me: i think you are the jerk for wanting to deprive everyone of snow just for you
that's pretty selfish
craig: Oh please. That is just lame
Just for my safety and everyone traveling that weekend.
me: well you will be safe
here in Portland
with the snow
craig: I want to go to Eugene
me: put some chains on
you'll be fine
craig: You go to Alaska and spend Christmas. Lana can go too
me: Hahaha
me: I almost hope it snows in Eugene and not here.
Just to spite you
craig: I hope it does too! Just to spite you! I will send you photos of me drinking cocoa and making snowmen
me: well i mean i hope it snows while you are driving
i hope you even get in a tiny car accident but that you are okay except maybe you stub your toe really hard
and i will send you pictures of me with perfect toes that don't hurt
craig: You are a bad person
You want me to get in a wreck?
me: i think you are a bad person Christmas snow hater
you want me to not have any snow?!
craig: Do you want me to be paralyzed too just on spite
me: only your lips
and maybe your fingers
so i don't have to listen to your snow hate
craig: Yeah and maybe your fingers
Damn you were too fast
me: i am exceedingly clever
i will always win our word wars
me: especially when you have non-working lips
craig: I said the same thing. I'm just typing by phone
me: maybe you should learn to type faster on your phone
if it snows you can stay inside and practice

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