Friday, December 10, 2010

What I'm Wearing Today (Bonus Edition)

I haven't written about anything fashion or style related in a long time. Mostly because I've been putting my entire life into cardboard boxes and then sort of taking it out again except I also have to work and sleep and there just aren't enough hours in the day. Plus I was really excited about rugs for awhile before I actually started sewing them together.

Anyways, this is what I'm wearing today plus some other extras I'm wanting to write about but don't seem to deserve their very own posts.

I usually feel maxi dresses are reserved for really tall, statuesque girls but I like them so I've bought a few and reserved them mostly just for beach wear. But then I started hanging out with Lana and that girl is short like me. Plus she never wears heels and she can pull off a maxi dress like nobody's business so I decided to give this trend a go. And I have to admit I like it a lot. Mostly because it's really ridiculously comfortable. It does sort of make me feel like a homeless lady but in a really chic way so I guess that's okay.

I ordered this dress online and it's weird. The seem that creates the top of the ruffled portion is really far down which I didn't pay attention to at first. So it makes your torso look really long and your legs look really short (not a desirable look) but this morning I couldn't really find clothing because I am living in a sea of cardboard and I need to buy more hangers before I start ripping into my clothing boxes. I also probably need a steamer as well.

So, anyways, I couldn't find any clothing, but I could find this package I had received so I decided I was going to try to make this thing work. I grabbed a medium width cognac colored leather belt and belted the dress just slightly higher than my waist but not empire style. Then I sort of pulled the dress up a bit so it created a loose top above the belt. I have to say for something that started out not working at all I made it fairly awesome. Also it's really soft so I sort of wanted to keep it no matter what.

Move West Maxi Dress by Free People in Mocha

I'm also wearing this sweater which I am in love with and want to wear all the time.

Cross my Heart Cardigan by Free People in Beige

I threw on some black tights and one of my favorite pairs of boots as well.

Belle Starr Boots by Corso Como

And now for the "bonus" portion of this post.

I now have wood floors which means my feet are always picking up tons of dust and nonsense. Which I guess is better than it being mushed into my carpet but still, it's gross. And I know I could sweep except I actually can't because there is too much stuff in the way. So I decided that even though I love being barefoot I would need to get some slippers.

Cadee Bootie Slippers by Target (?) in Brown

I'm not even going to pretend these aren't ridiculous in real life but they're soft and super comfy and they have a hard-ish sole so if I need to leave my apartment and walk a block to order and pick up pizza with Craig because the pizza place apparently has no real phone number, I can do that. Plus I sort of like looking like an Eskimo.

The new Free People catalog came out and I'm really loving these pieces. Plus with my new gigantic closet I will have plenty of room for them.

Desert Florals Maxi Skirt by Free People

Burnout Dress by Free People in Army

Other non-fashion related bonuses:

My cat has a cold. Which is adorable. I tried to video tape him sneezing but it just turned into a video of him turning his back on me and refusing to sneeze while I spoke in the really obnoxious voice I use to talk to him.

My city is flooding. Not really but there's a ton of water on the road and everyone is freaking out except it's Portland. And this happens every year. So calm down everyone and drive your cars. I did have to take off my shoes though and tip toe through a six inch deep pool of water to get to my car yesterday though so I guess maybe some freaking out is justifiable. I would have taken a picture but I was too busy trying not to drop my shoes or laptop. My boss had offered me some boots of hers because "What if there's glass in there? Or a snake?" but the water was in her driveway where there has never been broken glass or a snake so I figured that was pretty unlikely I am badass so I chanced it.

I was looking for a tray to fit my new ottoman so it could be used as a coffee table and basically the size I want doesn't exist. Unless I spend $650 and since I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen I'm not going to be getting one of these incredible custom made lucite trays. There are actually other sizes that are less expensive but I can't even think of a reason I would need another tray and as the queen of justifying purchases that's quite a feat. They're awesome though so check 'em out.

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