Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome Home

Today is moving day. And it's almost over. I woke up at six this morning to do more last minute packing and drop Javi off at his new home. Where he proceeded to have not at all the reaction I predicted. I thought he would love having a new more spacious home and the chance to explore new territory but instead he collapsed on the floor of my new closet in a meowing heap obviously thirsty yet refusing to drink. It broke my heart but I had to leave him after a half hour to go to work. I text Craig about my cat worry and how I was pretty sure he was going to meow the whole day and not drink anything and escape from the apartment never to be found again. He was extremely unsympathetic. Sort of the way he is when I tell him I'm itchy which definitely means I have cancer.

At noon I left work to scramble pack (yes, I was still not finished) and meet the movers. I'm just going to throw it out there that if you ever have to move you should hire movers. Without a doubt. Those guys are fast and you literally don't have to carry a single box. The other day Craig and I were talking about things we would rather do than move (sans moving company) and he threw out there he would rather take finals. I said I would rather be bitten by a snake. Or have surgery.

So anyways, I'm sitting on the floor in my new place while these guys bring things in. And I'm feeling really happy. I love this space, the actual having more square footage but also just the way this home feels. Even filled with boxes.

And here it is.

This is my kitchen. With enough room for a table!

My living room with bunches of light and space and a great nighttime view of the city. I can see Mt. Hood as well.


This is my new closet. It is the biggest closet I have ever owned and I'm probably more excited about this than you know, having a living room. It's "L" shaped so these photos show two different sections of the closet.

I have a bathroom. It's cute.

This is my hall that is gigantic.

I've had six parking spaces reserved just for my moving today (three at each building). There were permits involved. I'm not even going to pretend it doesn't make me feel special.

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  1. Ever hear the song by Poe called "5 1/2 Minute Hallway?" Yours reminds me of that. Very cool. Happy housewarming. :)