Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sew Ready to Use Glue

So remember how I said I sewed the other day and that I'd tell you more? Well, now I am telling you more.

I'm fairly creative but sewing isn't at all my thing. I think the primary reason for my lack of sewing success is a lack of patience. Or maybe I'm just being gentle with myself and really it's a lack of ability to bring a concept to fruition. Either way, I don't sew. But I had that really great seemingly unambitious sewing together a rug plan. So I needed to sew.

Obviously, as someone who doesn't sew (is this word not seeming like a real word to anyone else by now?), I don't have a sewing machine, but sewing by hand didn't actually seem all that difficult. Turns out it is. Like, a lot more difficult. I sat staring at the rugs for a good ten minutes before I could wrap my head around how to do this correctly.

Now you may ask why I would take on sewing rugs together when I have this going on:

And the answer to that is basically that I have ADD. Only not really. Mostly just when it comes to doing things I don't want to do. So when handed a room full of boxes to unpack I decide I should learn how to sew.

This project isn't finished but progress has been made. And here's evidence.

First of all, these rugs are about a jillion times more amazing than they looked online. I love all the colors and tufts of fabric. These are just getting stitched together end to end to make a runner for my hallway. They were purchased online at Urban Outfitters.

I decided to use this red burgundy color on these rugs and the orange color on rug project number two. Also, I can thread a needle.

See that thread sticking out? That's where I sewed.

Javi decided to help until he realized sewing is exhausting.

And this is what I accomplished. Which sort of just looks like I laid the rugs next to each other but I promise they're really sewn together. Also the cardboard boxes aren't going to be part of the final decor. Also, those ones are empty so I'm not actually doing nothing and waiting for the boxes to magically unpack themselves.

I'll reveal more as it gets farther along. I may take on the big rug this weekend.

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  1. Unpacking is nothing more then a large pain in the ass. Ugh. I would rather pack up any day of the week.
    With what you are doing, sewing end to end like that, i don't think a regular sewing machine would have worked anyways. You would have to do have shelled out big bucks to get a surger or something (i think?) I know only what i kind of learn from listening to my grandma talk about it! :)

    The carpets are gorgeous! I cna't wiat to see them finished and atleast Javier gave up, Misfit would still be trying to eat the thread I was sewing with! lol