Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Rug

Remember when I posted about sewing the other day and I jokingly mentioned wanting to use glue except I wasn't really joking? Well get ready to think "Oh no she di'nt!" because I totally did.

Now before anyone gets all judgey I'm just going to throw out there that super glue is awesome, they even named it "super" glue which is probably an indication of how awesome it is or they would have named it "mediocre glue." Or maybe even "pretty good glue." But it isn't named either of those things is it? And it is super. I mean it dries quickly, it holds incredibly well, and there are about a jillion formulas that cater specifically to your glue needs. I'm pretty loyal to super glue after having used it to hang wall shelves three times and it totally working. And I didn't have to buy a drill so that just made it extra super.

Anyways, sewing was hard and took forever and I didn't want to do it again so I bought a bunch of super glue and decided to get to work.

I started with nine 2'x3' rugs that I previously mentioned purchasing at Urban Outfitters. Also eight bottles of this glue which is a gel, meaning it won't just soak into something porous like fabrics. It's also meant for high traffic areas or even outdoors so I knew it would likely stand up to being walked on. I just can't put my rugs in the dishwasher.

Javier decided to help which was nice of him. You can tell how helpful he was by the blur that his ears are.

I laid out the rugs just to sort of get a feel for it and to match up the lines. If you're going to try this yourself you're just going to kind of accept things aren't going to be perfect because these rugs varied slightly in size (not enough for it to really matter) and there's really no way you can match up the patterns. With a rug this busy though it's doubtful anyone will notice.

Javi approves.

So then I started gluing. I just put a thin line on the end of one rug and pressed the next one to it. It dried matte and clear.

I glued three rugs end to end three times to create strips of rug that I could then glue together.

Javi decided he was too sparkly for this nonsense so he ditched me.

This is the rug in it's finished state which I guess pretty much just looks like the picture where I laid them out but it's actually different.

I bought this no slip stuff at IKEA for under the rug. While it wasn't the exact size it's large enough to keep the rug in place and me from falling. Also it may be the only thing at IKEA with a name that makes sense.

Still a work in progress obviously but I think the fact that I have fairly contemporary furniture makes this rug a little less southwestern and actually ends up looking really cool.

So, the point of this whole thing was to not have to spend the amount of money that a rug this size would usually cost, plus to get a rug that isn't boring for that same lower price. I bought nine rugs for $18 each, eight tubes of glue for $3.50 each, and that thing from IKEA that was around $4. So in total this rug project cost me about $194 and took about two hours to complete. I have to say I'm completely satisfied with the results.

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  1. I have to admit that I have been very curious about how the rug would turn out. It is awesome! I am hugely impressed, and super glue, nice! Whodathunkit?!

    MsMlj (from DoCo)