Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm too tired to be clever.

Well, I am exhausted. Work has been extremely hectic and crazy lately. As a personal assistant it's pretty much my job to keep everything together and there have definitely been significantly more things to keep together recently. Luckily Lana offered to come in and help me with some things on her two days off this week.

This is where I get mushy.

Lana has a really full life. She has a big family to keep in touch with, bunches of friends, a job that can involve some pretty early mornings as well as some late nights plus a ton of other stuff. If anyone deserves a nap or bubble bath or mimosa or whatever it'd be this girl. So the fact that she gave up two whole days she could have spent doing any number of more fun things is pretty amazing. Plus, I basically just bossed her around all day telling her things to do and not once did she look at me like she wanted to strangle me. Which is pretty impressive.

I always think of Valentines Day as a day to celebrate and reflect on all kinds of love, not just romantic love, and yesterday got me thinking. I'm really truly lucky to have a friend like Lana who isn't competitive or jealous or mean spirited in the least. It can be hard to find friendships with women that are truly healthy, uplifting, and supportive and I am so thankful I found this one. I look at our interactions and they always seem to have the same goal, which is doing good. Whether the aim is our own happiness, creating good food, making something beautiful, solving a life problem or any number of things, the bottom line is making things better all around for everyone. And maybe I just haven't had a lot of those sorts if friendships and that makes me the odd one but this whole thing is so refreshing and just brings so much happiness and inspiration to my life. Which is what friendships should do.

I love you Boo.

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